When a 16 year old girl’s video blog is seen by the wrong man, everyone’s sordid past comes into focus. Katie had no choice but to kill the man who tried to rape her, and now when girls who look like her are being brutally murdered, she has no choice but to run.


She’s looking for answers on the road to Las Vegas, which she understands is the capital of both marriage and suicide. In her mind, she equates that fact to her own feeling that sex and death are inextricably intertwined. Now she wants to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

She knows she’s not alone on the road, but who will catch her first? Will it be Brendan, a dangerously unstable man who takes her blog too seriously and feels spurned? Will it be Mark, an aimless millionaire who wants to atone for all the money he made exploiting young girls on his pornographic website?


Or will it be her father, who has ties to mafia figures and a corrupt senator? In the end, the one who catches her gets more than he bargained for, as she seeks revenge on the men who have abused her and the society that gave her the false choice of virgin or slut.

Director's Statement

"Let's get back to performance. Let it breathe." Those were the first words I uttered when we discussed the possibility of making this movie. I wanted to make a film that allowed the actors to play and commit at a level that's common to theater. There's no close-up to save you on stage!

And when needed, attack it. Spit it out. Just deliver the pizza, man. I'm certainly a fan of quick cuts. I like when scenes move. But, I'm also a diehard fan of the rhythmic movement that takes place in your chest cavity when moments are allowed to build and build, and then pop-resulting in the ultimate release.

As in life, we find ourselves deep in thought at times, and laughing at the next moment. Sometimes we're just trying to figure it all out. Critical Nexus is that ride.