Tirf Alexius - Director/Executive Producer/Prod

Tirf hails from the northwest side of Chicago and graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a B.A in acting. He began his career starring in commercials and films, but even then, Tirf was driven to explore the other side of the camera.


He was given that opportunity when his fellow alum, Hugh Grady, delivered a script to his doorstep. While producing Lost in Thought, Tirf discovered his knack for bringing projects to life. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded Driven Entertainment, a reflection of his drive to fully immerse himself in the world(s) of film.


Through Driven Entertainment, his recent works include television commercials, radio shows, various multi-media projects and a documentary.  The diversity of his projects is mirrored by the diversity of his experiences, both in Chicago and globally.


Tirf  brings a unique perspective to characters, either in front of the camera or behind it.  In addition to developing his own craft,  Tirf works hard to foster community and cultivate relationships with other filmmakers.  Recent collaborations with 4 Features Film Company have resulted in two feature-length films.   Notable recent achievements:


Produced and co-starred in the feature film Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers

Directed/Produced indie Thriller feature Critical Nexus

Directed/Produced Haiti Documentary after the devastating earthquake of 2010

Tamra Neil - Producer/Set Costumer

Tamra is a native of Chicago obtained her BFA in Fashion from The International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago. She completed her degree interning in London at Alexander McQueen.


After her return to Chicago, and before her involvement in the film industry, she sold her own woman’s wear & children’s wear at local events. Last year Tamra brought her fashion skill set to the film industry and begun working with 4 Features Film Company and has since become a producer at the Chicago based Film Company, resulting in two feature-length films & two Telly Award winning commercials.


Her credentials also include advertisement, marketing, and production design.

Chad Meyer - Producer

Chad has been a stage, film and commercial actor in Chicago and the Midwest for the last seven years. His primary focus is on-camera work, though, and he has appeared in local and regional commercials and more than 100 independent and student films.


Films in which Chad has appeared have been screened at film festivals including The Cannes International Film Festival, Action on Film, The Black Harvest Film Festival, The Pine Bluff Silent Film Festival, The Portobello Film Festival in London, England, “It Came From Lake Michigan” Horror Film Festival in Milwaukee, the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and The British Film Festival in Los Angeles, at which Chad was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film.


Chad also began a behind the camera career in early 2011 by teaming up with some fellow filmmakers and forming 4 Features Film Company. Through 4 Features, Chad has co-produced two features films and is currently in pre-production for a third feature which will shoot in April 2012.

Chad received his BA from Cornell University, a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Hugh Grady - Producer

Hugh is an American Actor and Filmmaker. Originality from Detroit,Mi, where he got his start in the Arts at Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse. He later moved to Chicago,IL in the fall of 97' to attend Columbia College Chicago. Where he studied Theater.


After graduating in 2002, he worked around Chicago in theaters and independent films. He teamed up with his former classmate Tirf Alexius, to start Driven Entertainment in 2006. They produced commercials and films, such as "Cerrrrmack" and "Breathing Room".


Breathing Room was an official selection at the San Diego Black Film Festival and the Chicago Black Harvest Film Festival. Hugh Grady along with his company D.E. traveled to Port au Prince, Haiti, 3 months after the earthquake, to film a documentary.

In 2011, Hugh Grady and Producing Partner Tirf Alexius, teamed up with other filmmakers to start Four Features Film Co. Which is a sister company of D.E. They produced films "Critical Nexus" and "The Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers", in which Hugh Grady stars.


He can be seen in movies such as "South Loop" by Parkside Films, and his voice can be heard on "Abetown" a Radio Drama at abendowment.org. Hugh Grady has several projects in the works. He will be producing "Coat Check" with Four Features and be making his Directorial debut with a documentary based on Chicago Hip Hop Culture.


Remoh Romeo - Producer

Remoh hails from the north side of Chicago. He was an aspiring Olympic Gymnast, and when his acrobatic skills landed him the role of a sailor in the theatrical production, HMS Pinafore , he fell in love with acting.


Remoh received his acting training at Columbia College of Chicago. He brings to any production real life experiences, with 9 years as a Police Officer, Weapons Handling, and Rapid Response Training.

Remoh is also a founding member of the Fabulous French Boys, an R&B/Hip‐Hop group that was based in Chicago. Remoh and his Brother, Tirf Alexius, a fellow actor, producer and director, released several singles and EPs as the Fabulous French Boys and together built their state of the art studio now known as Driven Entertainment.


Remoh recently starred in a several television commercials and films and recent collaborations with 4 Features Film Company have resulted in two feature‐ length films. Notable recent achievements: Produced and co‐starred in the feature film Bastard Son of A Thousand Fathers Produced and supporting in indie Thriller Critical Nexus Produced Haiti Documentary after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

Lanre Sarumi - Producer/2nd Unit DP

Lanre is the consummate filmmaker. Director, writer, animator, producer, editor, actor (in that order!).  He loves all aspects of filmmaking.


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